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Hannah Peterson, Founder of A to Z Sleep Solutions and MasterMind Author walks you through step-by-step through easy to follow 2-4 minute video segments. This course also comes with an easy to follow and beautifully designed 25+ page printable workbook, which allows you to customize one of the six unique settling techniques to your little one's temperament and your parenting style, including ones specific to newborn sleep. 


This course is designed for your little ones ages 4 Weeks to 4 Years old.  It comes full to the brim with information about the science behind sleep, which will give you the knowledge to be able to troubleshoot your specific napping issues. Whether that be Cat Napping (short 20-30 min naps) or Naps that end up being too long and causing issues when it comes to Bedtime. 


Learn How to Successfully Nap on the Go

In reality we don't have time to be at home during nap time every single day. STOP having to be stuck at home during naps. This course will show you how to still LIVE life and still allow for great naps.



Hannah has helped thousands of parents around the world with their little one's sleep.  In this course, she brings her experience as a mom of 5 and her knowledge as a New Zealand-trained Pediatric Nurse and gives you the SCIENCE behind naps and EVERYTHING that impacts daytime sleep.. 


"I read all of the baby-sleep books; bought most of the sleep aids; sang all of the songs; used sound machines, but nothing worked consistently.  Until I found out Hannah was offering a naps program.  It was the best parenting decision I have ever made!  If you are beyond sleep deprived/losing your mind, you need to take this course right away!"

- Stephanie Bozeman

"We took the naps course and I am really glad that we did as it has changed our lives! My boy was only able to rock or nurse to sleep and even then a lot of the time I had to end up holding him the entire 30-40 minute nap to get him to stay asleep. Thats when this course came in.  The schedules were so easy to follow and after about a week he was able to fall asleep on his own, within a couple of minutes, without any crying."

Ashley Bender

"A to Z is amazing and they 110% know their stuff! My girl was not ever the best napper, which is the reason why I took this course. With the support and guidance of the A to Z team, within a few short days my 8-month old was putting herself to sleep and sleep 1-2+ hrs for her naps, instead of her typical 30-45 minutes.  I recommend all of the services and courses to everyone I meet."

Katie Justice

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One-ON-One support comes with every course purchase. You will receive the option of our 7-Day Trial in our Membership Lounge, which gives you access to Hannah and the rest of our A to Z Certified Sleep Consultants. This gives you the opportunity to be able to get all your specific questions answered by our team as well as join all the other families that are in the midst of the same journey that you are about to undertake.  

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