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Naps MasterMind Course

Created By Hannah Peterson - Mom of 7, New Zealand-trained Pediatric Nurse, Certified Sleep Consultant and Founder of A to Z Sleep Solutions

You may wonder, "What is the big deal with naps? As long as our nighttime sleep is good, isn't that the most important part?"

Did you know that naps are often the key to a good night's sleep?

When your little one naps longer than one hour it reduces their sleep debt for the day, preventing them from going to bed OVERTIRED.

This is important because when they go to bed overtired, their body produces higher cortisol and adrenaline, making falling asleep and staying asleep harder and can cause Early Morning Wakeups.

On the flip side, if your little one naps too much then this causes an unbalanced 24 hours of sleep, which will cause issues at night as well.

This is the reason why I am so excited about this Naps MasterMind. It is unlike anything out there, as it gives you the ROADMAP to navigate naps from four weeks up to four years.

The biggest thing about naps I hear from moms everywhere is, "Will I have to be stuck at home during nap time every day?" Absolutely not, in this MasterMind Course, I explain how you can perfect the Assisted Nap. An assisted nap is any possible way you can get your baby to nap to help prevent them from again, getting OVERTIRED.

In reality, where most of us live :) we can't stay home day after day trying to get the perfect times for naps. Reality means we are out running errands, taking siblings to dance/sports, or actually just going out for coffee and getting out of the house JUST BECAUSE! :) When you know how to make your naps work for you by understanding the science behind your little one's biological sleep windows and which naps are most important then you as parents have control over how your day is spent!

Again this is the reason why I created this course for you! I am an extremely busy mom of 7 with a set of twins, and I know firsthand how flexible you need to be regardless of your baby's temperament. I also know how much respect we need to have for our baby's needs for naps and overall sleep.

We Know We are a Little Bit Crazy but we LOVE our Families by Giving You :